This place cannot be described in words. The pristine beauty of nature, almost unspoiled by man makes an impression  of unreality of the environment.  It is as if you found yourself on another planet. 

The tour will begin with an observation deck called "White cliffs". It opens a magnificent view of the Main Caucasian ridge. White cliffs descend into the Navalishensky canyon to a depth of 140 m, and  it’s the most upper peak ascends at 250 m over the ground.

A narrow path brings you to the most bottom of the gorge, where the river Khosta breaks through a narrow rock gorge. Water cascades fall down  forming deep lakes. The swift water current actually washes out its way down to the sea.

Next to the canyon a small lake of mountain water was formed. During the summer heat it is well to freshen up. The water depth is more than three meters, so the most courageous can dive from the cliff.

The rout is not over here. Further there are a lot of interesting waiting for us. The route runs along the river mouth. White cliffs surround us from all sides.  Huge stone blocks once broken off from rocks lie directly in the river.

Here and there the river forms small waterfalls. The noise of falling water combines with the total noise of the mountain river current. The birdsong adds to the primeval nature.

The ancient Relic forest surrounds the canyon. Here you can see the trees and plants listed in the Red data book. 

Having covered about one mile, we reach the beginning of the canyon. The tour ends here. Tired and exhausted tourists are offered to relax in a cozy out-of-doors cafe. Here you can have a snack or just fragrant tea.

To return to the beginning of the route, we should climb a steep road. But if you don’t have any strength or desire, here at the bottom you will be offered a jeep service to the beginning of the route.

Entrance tickets are extra paid

The duration of the tour: 4 hours

The price of the Tour:

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