Our tour will begin in the Adler trout farm where you will be able to see how the trout grow. You will learn where the trout live in natural conditions,  see unique types of the blue and white trout. And, of course, will be allowed to feed these beautiful and graceful fish.

Close to the trout farm flows the river Mzymta. It divides the gorge in two parts. To move through a mountain river men of old did the hanging bridges. Such a suspension bridge across the turbulent river has been preserved here. Take a stroll over this bridge and make a bright photo is a must!

An interesting show of glass blowers will replace the tour to the trout farm. You and your child will see the unique birth process of glass items from an ordinary piece of molten glass.

An experienced glass blower will demonstrate how glass masterpieces are born. A fascinating story about a glassblower fine workmanship will be a great addition to the bright show. Here in a glass shop you can buy unique glass figurines for the producer price.

The first humans – the Neanderthal men –settled on the Sochi territory more than 70 thousand years ago. It was here not far from  the Mzymta river where the Ahshtyrskaya cave is located - the settlement place of an ancient man. This is the first ancient men settlement, which was discovered by scientists in the middle of the XIX century. The path passes through connate forest, where boxtrees grow that survived from the preglacial period.

The cave where the ancient men dwelt is not large. Its length is a bit more than 150 meters, but to get there will be a great adventure for every child. The entrance into the cave starts with a narrow passage. To get inside, you will have to bend over. But actually over 10 meters, the cave expands and turns into a small hall. The lighting inside  the caves allows you to see around the interior attentively.

Striking impressions  continue at a height of 207 meters above the ground. Because it is here the longest suspension bridge in the world is located. Thrilling excitement and violent delight is guaranteed. Words can hardly express feelings when you are on the bridge above a precipice at a height of 207 meters. It can only be felt!

If you like sharp impressions, then walk across the bridge is not the only thing to do here. Jump off a bridge with elastic at the legs, the swing at the height of bird flight and megatroll (flying on a rope through the gorge) - here is a list of entertainment for the brave.

Entrance tickets are extra paid

The duration of the tour: 5 hours

The price of the Tour:

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