When you are visiting Sochi, you certainly should schedule gastronomic tour in your program. Everyone who visits Sochi must enjoy the national Caucasian dishes.

At the beginning of our trip you will have a small tour in the Central District of Sochi. You will see main attractions of the city, learn its history and modernity.

Then we will visit the holy of holies of all lovers of national cuisine and Sochi’s flavor - the central market. Every guest of Sochi must visit this place. You will see the local flavor exactly here and you will be able try everything that is presented on rich market stalls: a dried persimmon, a pomegranate juice, a homemade wine, seasonal fruit, homemade cheese and sausages. Local shopkeepers will offer you all of these products. Do not hesitate to try what you want and do not forget to bargain, because you are at the market!

After purchasing churchhelly and adzhika and working up an appetite, we'll go to an Armenian restaurant, where you will able to taste more than a dozen local dishes. Caucasian cuisine is varied and very tasty. There is a place in Sochi where you may not only taste more than a dozen dishes of Caucasian cuisine, but also to participate in the process of its preparation.

Armenian wisdom says: "Do not look at my walls, but admire our table".

If you decide to go on a gastronomic tour, you will get a lot of positive emotions and taste delicious dishes. We will go to private restaurant "Urartu", where there is the spirit of the Caucasus. The hosts of this restaurant are Armenian family. They revere the traditions of their nation and transmit them to the younger generation. Exactly in this house in the days of the Soviet Union foreign tourists were brought here to get acquainted with the life and the national cuisine of the Caucasus.

Then there was no restaurant, and the hostess took the guests in the kitchen. Much time has passed since then. But the family has not lost its hospitality.

Now the family restaurant "Urartu" organizes culinary tours for guests. Armenians like to eat, but they also know how to cook delicious and very healthy food that any gourmet will appreciate. You will try the most delicious Armenian dishes: lobio, khachapuri, dolma, kebab, eggplants in country style. And, of course, you will taste excellent house wine.

You will have a fascinating master class in cooking dolma. The chef will show you how to cook this dish. And you will be able to cook this Armenian dish under the guidance of him.

Tasting takes place in a warm and cozy atmosphere of the restaurant. Popular actors and politicians visited this place at different times. Many photos hung on the walls, it is a reminder of those vivid moments of the history of the restaurant.

Any dish in Armenian cuisine is not just food, but a work of art that brings pleasure, not only coming feeling of satiety, but also aesthetic taste sensations.

Do not miss the opportunity to prepare by your own national meals and enjoy Armenian cuisine. You will have a master class, a tour of the Armenian farmstead and dinner in this Armenian family.

The tour includes tasting of the following dishes (for each participant of the excursion):

  • Vegetable mix
  • Eggplants in a country style
  • Salad "Tabule"
  • Gebzaliya (a snack from cheese)
  • Cheese with greens in pita bread
  • Pickles
  • Lobio
  • Khachapuri
  • Dolma with sauce
  • Shish kebab pork
  • Tomato sauce
  • Pita
  • Wine red home 400 ml.

The duration of the tour: 4 hours

The price of the Tour:

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