During this tour we will visit not only tea plantations, but also the protected areas of Dagomys , as well as the monastery and pay  a visit to the healing spring of Panteleimon the healer. The first stop on the tour route will be Dagomys troughs. It is a wonder created by the nature itself. We will stop at the river West Dagomys, so that you can enjoy this amazing wonder of nature.

Over  thousands of years the water flowing down from the steep rapids along the river bed, formed a rectangular pools chain, which are very similar to huge troughs. The water is crystal blue there. In hot weather one can freshen up in this wonderful water and take unforgettable photo shoot.

Further we direct our steps towards the monastery of "The Cross Hermitage". This monastery was erected in 1997 and since then it has been a special place for believers. There is a miracle-working icon of Mother of God "three hands" in a riza decorated with precious stones. Believers apply to this icon with a prayer to cure the disease of extremities and eyes.  The prayer to the sacred image can save from thoughts and anguish. 

After visiting the monastery one  cannot miss the Holy spring of great martyr and healer Panteleimon. This place has long been known to old timers. It was refined and put in order by monks. There are two Holy font where any sufferer can wash the body. According to the locals, bathing in the Holy spring gives healing from many diseases. That is why the Holy spring of great martyr Panteleimon is so popular.

In the second part of our tour to the tea plantations we will have a look at the estate of the founder of the most northern tea in the world Judas Koshman.

Surely you've probably heard of the Krasnodar tea, and may be even tasted it. And do you know that the Krasnodar tea grows not in Krasnodar but in Sochi? It was here in Dagomys, where Judas Koshman first planted tea bushes. Nobody believed in the success of the enterprise. All the "tea  experts"  definitely stated that the tea could not grow there.

But Koshman got improbable achievement. His tea bushes got acclimatized in this latitude. Those were his tea bushes that  initiated the cultivation beginning of the most northern tea in the world – the Krasnodar tea. All the tea plantations which are now on the territory of Sochi, were grown from those bushes, that had once been cultivated by Judas Koshman.

In the course of the excursion you will visit the Judas Koshman’s house-estate and see the first tea plantations that were planted by Judas himself. The guide’s exciting story will tell you the history of tea in Russia, and what the history of the most northern tea in the world began with.

The tea plantation tour will allow you to see with your own eyes how the tea plants grow. You will learn how tea is collected, and what transformation needs to happen with the tea leaf before it gets into the teapot. After the tour you will taste tea. Delicious pancakes and honey complement the true Russian tea party.

The duration of the tour: 5-6 hours

The price of the Tour:

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