Our first visit will be the highest point of the seaside part in the city - Mount Big Akhun. On the way to the mountain, the stunning beauty of the sea and mountains will astonish you. But it is only the beginning of the fantastic impressions of the day. Climbing the mountain you must get the 30-metre tower, where you will see unforgettable views of the city, sea and mountains. From the height of bird flight, you will admire the white peaks of the main Caucasian mountain ridge and  endless expanse of the Black Sea. 

From Mount Akhun you can see the whole territory of the Big Sochi and even the Olympic Park. Moreover, if you use one of the viewing binoculars located on the tower, you will have the opportunity to see the smallest details of ships at sea or houses in the mountain villages. And that's not all advantages. Only from this mount you will be able to see the coast of Turkey in good and clear weather.


And take into consideration, you will get even more vivid impressions today. After walking down the Mountain Akhun, you will get the Agur gorge, in the bottom of which the river Agura flows. The water is of milky color in the river. The reason is the impurities of the minerals that fall into the water in the mountains. A real milk river! 

Vladimir Vysotsky with his wife Marina Vlady used to be here. On the way to Agura Waterfalls we will stop at the famous Vysotsky’s glade. It was here where in 60-ies the popular musician stayed for vacation.

Famous Agur Falls are also situated here. You will go on a well-maintained picturesque trail, with a length slightly more than a kilometer, equipped with railings, ladders and bridges in necessary places. The first waterfall you will meet in 10 minutes. After going a few dozen meters ahead Agura’s riverbed, you will find a small mysterious and gloomy water body, surrounded by cliffs. It’s Devil’s font. Agura’s Waterfall has been falling down in this place for thousands of years. It’s our first waterfall. People swim here only in warm weather.


Agura’s Waterfall is not our last destination. We're going further. The second, more high and beautiful waterfall lies ahead. A walk to the second waterfall will give you a lot of pleasure. After all you will be surrounded by virgin nature. Then very soon you'll see Eagle’s rocks.

The way to the second waterfall will take about a half of an hour at a normal pace. Mountain gorge, crystal clear waterfalls, cliffs, beetling over the trail and fairy forest will make ineffaceable impression on you and the beauty of nature will touch your feelings anyway! At the end of trip you will be rewarded with a thrilling view of the second cascade waterfall. Here under the second Agura’s Waterfall you can also swim and relax.

On the way back we will definitely look in the famous restaurant "Caucasian Village". This is the exact place where some frames were taken for the movies "the Woman who sings", "Wolfhound", and "Be my husband". You will appreciate fine cuisine and excellent service. There will be opportunity as well to have lunch or just a cup of coffee and relax in the shade.

The duration of the tour: 4 hours

The price of the Tour:

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