Private tour in Abkhazia (Gagra, New Athos)

Abkhazia attracts visitors with its beauty not only those who have been here once. This small proud country is open to everybody. Ancient temples and places with its rich history transport you to ancient times. The beauty of the surrounding nature will make your trip memorable in Abkhazia.

Visiting the old and new Gagra is included in our excursion to New Athos. Half an hour later after crossing the border you meet Gagra. This famous Soviet resort town was one of the most popular holiday destinations of the elite. Many ights are concentrated here. One of them is the fortress Abaata. The oldest Christian church of the tenth century is situated on its territory.

If you are a curious tourist, you must also visit the Seaside Park and the Gagripsh restaurant. A majestic colonnade is a popular place in Gagra, which has been well known since the Soviet era.

New Athos is the jewel in the crown of Abkhazia. You can see a large number of interesting sights exactly here. After visiting New Athos with a private guide, you will be able to examine all the sights slowly and learn interesting stories associated with them. New Athos – is a place, which everyone should visit, if you arrive in Abkhazia.

There is one of the largest caves in the world here - New Athos Cave. A real underground railway connects caves with the main building, where you start your route. Found yourself inside the cave, you will be surprised by its size. After all the height of the arches of the cave is more than 97 meters! The huge stalactites and stalagmites grown into the rock will impress you.

Not far from the New Athos cave the New Athos Monastery is glittering thanks to its domes, the central temple which was built in honor of St. Panteleimon, the Healer. The current monastery is interesting not only for religious people, but also for tourists, who are eager to know some curious information about ancient architecture and painting. Everyone can enter the monastary and admire the decorations.

New Afon is considered to be both ancient and modern. One of the monuments of a bygone Socialist era is Stalin's dacha. It is situated within walking distance from the New Athos Monastery. It is one of the five Stalin dachas in Abkhazia. The country house has been opened to tourists recently. Home furnishings and interior decoration are perfectly preserved here. Tourists have an opportunity to visit the rooms where the great leader of the Soviet nation was resting and working. And guide’s interesting story will complement the impression of what you saw.

Not far from the Athos monastery and the garden you can admire Stalin's man-made waterfall, which was made by monks. A bit further you will see a beautiful blue lake and the station Pskhyrtsha.

Finally, every believer in Christ must visit the Cell of Kanonita Simon, one of the 12 apostles of Christ, who preached and was accepted to be a martyr in these areas. It is situated not far from the railway station Psyrtsha.

Not long ago, one of the five dachas of Vissarion Stalin was opened near the New Athos Monastery. It is perfectly preserved. As part of an individual excursion to New Athos, you can visit this historic place. See how and where the leader of the Soviet people lived, touch the furniture and see the interior, preserved at Stalin's dacha until now.

Additional paid tickets:
new Afon cave is 500 RUB/person,
Cell of Kanonita Simon - 150 RUB.,
Stalin's Dacha - 150 RUB

The duration of the tour: 10 Hours

The price of the Tour:

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