Cars for excursions around Sochi and Abkhazia

A car for excursions, an important component of a good vacation. Nice hot summer with the comfort to ride in a car with air conditioning. All our vehicles are air-conditioned and, if necessary, be equipped with child seats.

To experience with our guests we offer comfortable cars of different classes. Our guests can use the transport that we offer or wish on the selection of car on the specified criteria.

Mazda 3 (sedan)

In this vehicle can comfortably accommodate up to 2 persons. As a rule, tour guides are working with the driver, so guests sleep in the back seat of the car. If guests have small physique or sightseeing rides mom, dad and a teenager, then go ahead and book a tour on this car.

Mitsubishi Outlander

This car is roomier than the sedan. Thanks to its high ground clearance it can be easy to pass on not very good roads. Large side windows allow excellent visibility. And on the big back seat can comfortably accommodate three adults or a couple with a small child in the car seat. We recommend to choose this car, if your complexion or height above average, because the distance between the front and rear seats more than the sedan. Tall people will not feel discomfort in this car, because the roof of the car is also quite high.

Hunday Starex (minibus)

If you have a large family or you have decided to go on a trip with kids, this car will be the best choice. In the interior of the vehicle accommodates up to 8 people. For parents with young children, child seats or restraints. Despite the fact that the guide is placed in the front seat, all tour participants will be perfectly audible information, as for convenience it will use the microphone.

This car is also suitable for guests with disabilities. Here can easily fit a wheelchair.

Cabriolet Audi

For lovers of a fast ride we offer the option vip walks in 4 seater convertible. This option is perfect for two people. The hinged roof you can enjoy the stunning natural beauty of the city of Sochi and to breathe the fresh sea or mountain air throughout the tour. If you suddenly become hot or it rains, no problem. Because of the folding roof in one minute covers the passengers and the car turns into a normal sedan.

Mersedes S-класса

You take everything from life. And are willing to pay for the highest level of service and comfort. Then the best choice for you will be the individual tour in luxury cars. Comfortable leather interior, climate control, mini bar allow you to relax on the comfort level you're used to.

Mersedes V-класс (minibus VIP)

For a large company who appreciate comfort we offer van Mersede V-class. It can accommodate 8 people. Order it for a large family or group of friends.